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Asycube 240

The Asycube 240 flexible feeder is ideal for small flat or cubic components with a size between 5 and 40 millimeters, such as electronic components, fuses, screws, fasteners, washers.

Presentation video Datasheet CAD

Technical description of the flexible feeder Asycube 240

Dimensions of the vibrating platform

195 x 150 mm; ~240 mm diagonal

General dimensions

300 x 171 x 132 mm

Hopper sizes

2 liters / 3 liters

Compatible accessories for the flexible feeder Asycube 240

Plates for all types of parts, various structures and materials available

Asyfill, various sizes available

Gateway for communication via different fieldbuses

Purge platform

Integrated backlight, 5 available colors

Multi-feeding up to 4 parts with EYE+

Technical documentation for the flexible feeder Asycube 240


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