Our company

Our company founded in 2007 specializes in the design of innovative systems that integrate perfectly into any automation machine to optimize its flexibility, speed and precision.

Cutting-edge technology to meet the challenges of automation

Our patented 3-axis vibration technology and our vision-based smart control system can sort parts and components from <0.1 to 150 mm in size. It has already enabled major industry players in Europe, America and Asia to gain competitiveness and achieve rapid returns on investment.

Compact and reliable solutions with high added value

Our field of expertise and our know-how in vibration technology, vision, artificial intelligence and robotics allow us to develop adapted and scalable solutions.

Asyril designs patented and innovative devices for the automated assembly of all types of products. In this perspective, our Asycube series allows a perfect distribution of all types of parts, including parts with complex geometries or very delicate parts.

Operational excellence at our customers’ service

The feeding, orientation and sorting of bulk components are key elements in the process of automated assembly. This particularly complex process requires machine designers to call upon specialized partners who can offer adapted, innovative and integrable solutions. Asyril stands out for its innovation capacity and operational excellence. Our products are of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. We develop simple, efficient and easy-to-integrate solutions, with the aim of enabling our customers to optimize their lead times, reduce their costs and thus gain in competitiveness.

A network of strategic partners

With the aim of creating the best possible framework conditions for the development of high-quality products and services for our customers, we rely on strategic partners in the fields of industry, research and finance. These partnerships provide us with a network of experts that allows us to strengthen and expand our competences and resources.

A human capital that fosters the spirit of innovation

Asyril gathers a wide range of talents – engineers, technicians, representatives, salespersons – serving a large international customer base. Customer satisfaction is our primary mission and our teams of collaborators work every day to maintain and optimize the quality of our services and the high-end performance of our flexible feeding systems. We are committed to serving our customers with our sense of integrity, responsibility and our unwavering pursuit of excellence. The culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, along with team spirit and openness, is an intrinsic part of our company’s DNA and its human capital.

Human capital is our company's greatest asset.

We are particularly committed to the training and well-being of our employees. Our staff of more than 70 motivated and competent collaborators allows us to meet the highest requirements.

Product demonstration

Virtual visits

« Enter the world of Asyril and discover the many perspectives offered by our technology and product range. Our virtual visits give you an insight into Asyril's skills, know-how and services and invite you to get to know our specialists and state-of-the-art technology »

Asyril demo with a FANUC robot

Our system can work with any type of robot. In this video you will find different applications with a Fanuc Scara robot and several Asycube 240 with EYE+, our smart control system.

Asyril demo with an UR robot

Asyril's flexible feeding solutions can be used for different parts. The Asycube is available in 5 different sizes and is based on three-axis vibration technology. It can be used with an EYE+, a smart control system. This video shows you different applications with an Asycube 380, a hopper, an EYE+ and an UR robot.