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A flexible solution

to feed all your parts!

Discover the complete range of Asyril flexible feeders for components from 0.1 mm to 150 mm

Asyril has developed vibratory parts flexible feeders to offer an efficient solution for the unbulking of all types of components delivered in bulk. The Asycube is compatible with all robots and PLCs thanks to its TCP/IP and Modbus TCP compatible communication. Various plugins are available for easy system integration. Using Asyril’s EYE+ smart control system, will allow you to optimize the performance of your Asycube for an optimal flexible feeding solution.

Our 3-axis vibration technology offers unprecedented optimization of the feeding and sorting process

This system moves parts quickly in all directions, eliminates corner and edge build-up, eliminates part recirculation, and handles delicate parts smoothly with precise frequency and amplitude control. Asyril’s patented 3-axis technology allows better cycle times and optimal efficiency of your machine even on structured, slotted or perforated platforms.

Easy to change

Quick and easy changeover from one series to another thanks to simple settings of different vibration recipes and tool-free platform change allows you to be flexible in your feeding process.

Asycube Studio

Asycube Studio is a simple to use software that allows complete setup of any Asycube series product with a direct connection.

For a complete recipe for any part, three easy steps are completed through a wizard, platform vibrations optimized for part movement, hopper management and vibration sequence. Click here to download Asycube Studio.  For complete flexible feeding management, we recommend using EYE+.

Warranty extension

Enjoy 3 years of free warranty on your Asycube and stay informed about the latest updates on your product! Click here to register your Asycube and benefit from an additional 24 months warranty extension, bringing the total warranty period of your product to 36 months.

Generate a customized bill of material in just a few clicks

Simple and intuitive to use, the Asyril flexible feeding configurator will analyze your requirements and recommend the ideal Asycube flexible feeder, along with other products and accessories tailored to your needs. Get started with your project and request an official quote.

Configure your solution

Some benefits of the Asycube

  • Compatible with 99% of types of parts and geometries
  • Short cycle times
  • Pre-orientation and gentle separation of components thanks to patented 3-axis system
  • Easy settings and integration
  • Compatible with all types of robots and PLC
  • Compact and flexible feeder with integrated controller
  • Reduced production changeover time
  • Swiss quality product with no maintenance required
Flexible feeding

Products details

EYE+ smart control system

Solution to simplify and facilitate the integration and use of the Asyfill smart hopper and the Asycube flexible feeder while optimizing its efficiency.

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Asyfill smart hopper

Optimal solution for part delivery to the Asycube flexible feeder.

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Various plugins for robots and PLCs to make integration more efficient.

See all our plugins