Global solution

High-performance flexible feeding solution

combining Asycube, Asyfill
and EYE+

Asyril offers you the optimal solution for unbulking your various components

Our flexible feeding solution consists of the combination of an Asycube, our flexible feeder, and EYE+, our smart control system. It allows you to gain efficiency in feeding, separating and orientating the parts that you receive in bulk.

This plug and play solution guarantees simple integration with all types of robots and PLC

With our flexible feeding solution, you can easily feed several parts alternately and switch quickly from one component to another without any additional costs, which ensures that you can successively feed parts economically.

EYE+ optimizes the performances of your Asycube

The EYE+ has been designed to simplify and facilitate the integration with your machine and the communication between the different components of your application and thus improve your cycle time.

Flexible feeding

Products details and plugins

Asycube flexible feeder

Complete range and patented technology for a flexible and efficient solution.

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EYE+ smart control system

Solution to simplify and facilitate the integration and use of Asycube while optimising the efficiency of the flexible feeder and Asyfill smart hopper.

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Asyfill smart hopper

Optimal solution for part delivery to the Asycube flexible feeder.

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