Global solution

High-performance flexible feeding solution

combining Asycube, Asyfill
and EYE+

Unbulk your various components easily

If your production varies and you need to change regularly or unexpectedly your parts, flexible feeding is the best solution for you.

With its Swiss expertise and know-how in the fields of vibration technology, machine vision and precision robotics, Asyril has created a complete flexible feeding solution. Suitable for all types of industries, our smart solution gives you competitive advantages and a rapid return on investment.

Flexible and innovative feeding for 99% of parts

Based on a patented 3-axis vibration technology, Asyril’s high-performance feeding solution consists of the combination of:

  • Asycube flexible feeder
  • Asyfill smart hopper
  • EYE+ smart control system with integrated vision

Simple and intuitive to use, the combination of Asyfill for consistent dosing, Asycube for perfect spread and EYE+, an AI-based smart control system, improves efficiency and thus enhances productivity.

Our solution is suitable for components from 0.1 to 150 mm and can also be used for parts with complex geometries and fragile materials. Gain efficiency in feeding, separating, and orientating precisely the parts that are required to be picked up by a robot.

Efficiency with all types of robots and PLCs

Designed to simplify the integration with all types of robots, PLCs and industrial computers, our plug and play solution facilitates the communication between the different components of your application and improves your cycle time.

With our flexible feeding solution, you can easily feed several parts alternately and switch from one component to another without any additional costs.

Craft your ideal flexible feeding solution with our online configurator

The Asyril flexible feeding configurator is a user-friendly web tool, allowing you in just a few steps to generate a customized bill of material (BOM) perfectly suited to your flexible feeding solution. Get started with your project and request an official quote.

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Flexible feeding

Products details and plugins

Asycube flexible feeder

Complete range and patented technology for a flexible and efficient solution.

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EYE+ smart control system

Solution to simplify and facilitate the integration and use of the Asyfill smart hopper and the Asycube flexible feeder while optimizing its efficiency.

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Asyfill smart hopper

Optimal solution for part delivery to the Asycube flexible feeder.

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