Multi-feeding: feed up to 4 parts simultaneously with EYE+


Would you like to feed several parts at the same time but find yourself constrained by the limited space on your machine? Asyril’s multi-feeding solution is the answer to your needs!

Thanks to the optimization of the dual feeding function, you can now feed up to four parts simultaneously using a single Asycube flexible feeder with the multi-feeding feature.

Utilizing a single camera, our EYE+ smart control system intelligently manages all components of your application. You can work with 2, 3, or even 4 parts by choosing from the available configurations, giving you considerable flexibility when creating or optimizing your machine.


  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Space savings for increased flexibility
  • Enhanced efficiency due to the simultaneous processing of 2 to 4 parts
  • Individualized management of each hopper

By upgrading your EYE+ controller to version 4.2.1, your dual feeding license will automatically turn into a multi-feeding license. 

Interested in discovering this new feature? Connect to the free online EYE+ simulation and select the part entitled “Multi-feeding – 4 parts”. Without any machine vision experience and in just a few minutes, you can easily set up a vision recipe for the Asycube flexible feeder.

Access to the EYE+ simulation