EYE+ smart control system compatible with leading fieldbuses


After the EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT certification, Asyril is proud to announce that EYE+ is certified by PROFINET now! With our fieldbus options, you will save a lot of time integrating the EYE+ smart control system with any PLC or robot, optimizing the automation of your production line.


Fast and easy integration

In pursuit of providing the most efficient flexible feeding solution, Asyril crafts features that streamline integration with your PLC or robot, simplifying the handling of your various components. With EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT or PROFINET fieldbus options, you can seamlessly establish communication with the plug and play EYE+ smart control system. Your PLC or robot remains in synchronization with the EYE+ controller, allowing immediate access to part-picking statuses via readily available variables. This also simplifies error management, ensuring accurate program implementation.


Save time and money

Our fieldbus interface modules significantly reduce programming requirements, offering genuine added value. This facilitates a swifter establishment of communication between EYE+ and your robot or PLC, accelerating the initiation of part feeding production.


Discover the seamless integration of the intuitive EYE+ smart control system via PROFINET!

Choose the appropriate fieldbus for your PLC brand