Asycube Studio – new software available

Asycube Studio was launched on 17th October and replaces HMI.

This is a simple to use software that allows complete setup of any Asycube series product with a direct connection.

For a complete recipe for any part, 3 easy steps are completed through a wizard:

Step 1: Platform vibrations are optimized for part movement.
Step 2: Hopper management to ensure a satisfactory number of parts remain on the platform at anytime.
Step 3: Vibration sequence. A classical sequence is offered by default, but the user can easily adjust this for any recipe.

To download the Asycube Studio click here.

  • If you are an existing Asycube standalone user:
    Depending on the version of your firmware, please either download the Asycube Studio directly or contact the Asyril support or your distributor to update the firmware:

    • o Before version 7.0.1: Contact Asyril support or your distributor to get support
    • o From version 7.0.1 onwards: download Asycube Studio
    • o For new Asycube delivered from 17th October onwards, Asycube Studio is alreadyprovided.
  • If you have an EYE+, please use EYE+ Studio.

Note that HMI is officially discontinued since the release of Asycube Studio.
Asyril will no longer supply and support Asyril HMI after October 2023.

The online documentation is available: