Denso for EYE+


On Asyril side

  • Asycube 50, 80, 240, 380 and 530
  • EYE+ (Max 1 EYE+ controller per Denso robot)

On Denso side

  • Available for all robot models compatible with RC8 controller
  • Controller version 2.16 on Windows 10

The EYE+ plugin for Denso makes setup of the EYE+ flexible feeding control system faster with Denso robots.

  • Required: one Cao Provider that makes it possible to communicate with any EYE+ using TCP/IP protocol (.dll file)
  • Optional: one PacScript file that makes it easier to use the provider (.pcs file)
  • The configuration of the communication on the robot side is easily done with the plugin.
  • Detailed programming manual describing all functions of the plugin.
  • Sample code is included in documentation.