Noise Reduction plate for Asycube 530


The Asycube 530 is the largest of our range of feeding systems that can feed parts from 30 to 150mm.

This solution is efficient and has solved many of our customer applications. In some applications feeding large parts can make more noise which is a consideration for the operating environment.

Asyril has developed a solution: The noise reduction plate for the Asycube 530.

Sound-level is measured in dBA, the higher the dBA, the louder the sound.

Example levels of sound:

  • 40dBA Outside (Bird calls)
  • 60dBA Busy cafe
  • 80dBA Ambient Factory Floor
  • 110dBA Concert

dbA scale is non linear. A sound of 20dB is 10 times more intense than a sound of 10dB and a 30dB sound is 100 times more intense. Each 10DbA increase is roughly double the loudness

New Noise Reduction plate

  • Over molded PUR plate (Grey in colour)
  • Designed and Engineered by Asyril
  • Developed to work for both Front and Back lighting
  • PUR coated creates smooth ultra flat surface
  • Engineered with chamfered edge to create seal within frame (No gap)

Test results

Comparing a Standard plate and a Noise reduction plate with 10 parts on the plate.

Results with a Standard plate95dBA88dBA77dBA78dBA96dBA
Results with a Noise reduction plate86dBA82dBA72dBA70dBA87dBA
Differences- 9dBA- 6dBA- 5dBA- 8dBA- 9dBA