Cultural diversity at the service of technology


IAESTE is an international exchange organization that places students from technical and scientific faculties in internships abroad. For several years Asyril has been taking advantage of this possibility to hire interns to work on several projects. Two interns from Pakistan and India completed their 6-month internship this summer after contributing their programming skills to the development of current and future products.

Asyril is proud to train these interns who will be able to become key collaborators in their companies, be it in their country or internationally. In addition, for each internship position offered by a Swiss company, a Swiss student is given the chance to live a profession-al experience abroad. The multicultural aspects of this type of exchange brings new points of view on both technology and human relationships in general. The company, its employees and the trainees gain valuable experience.

Attiqa Nazir from Pakistan: « I’m grateful to Asyril for guiding me well to learn new tools and technologies. Through this opportunity, I got the chance to meet people from different cultures and to explore new things. I’ll definitely miss the indescribable beauty of Switzerland. In the end, special thanks to IAESTE which made it possible for me to have this life time experience. »

Mohammed Alfaz from India: « Asyril and IAESTE gave me the opportunity to learn some new programming concepts and helped me whenever I faced any difficulties in my work. I am really thankful to Asyril for their support and encouragement. It’s the first time I left my country, Switzerland is very beautiful country and I would like to visit once again in my life. During the pandemic period of covid-19, the company really support-ed and took care of our health by encouraging work from home facility which made me more effective and productive. The most thing I like here is work environment, which is friendly and kind. I learned more than I ever expected, and I realize what an excellent experience this has been. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. The thing I’ll miss the most is work environment which is so encouraging to work more every day. »