Multi-model is the new feature of EYE+, our smart control system, now available (via a license) with EYE+ 4.0. Multi-model is a technology that allows you to train up-to six different machine learning models and pick parts in various orientations. Within a single recipe you can distinguish between different orientations of the same part or different parts altogether, all fed using a single hopper. 

EYE+ multi-model is designed to be highly flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of parts and orientations. This technology can be useful in applications where multiple parts need to be picked and placed accurately, such as in assembly lines, quality control, or material handling. Different models can be trained for each part or orientation, allowing the system to accurately identify and pick the desired item regardless of its position in the Asycube. This can help to reduce errors and increase productivity by automating the process of part identification and sorting. The number of available parts is increased, thus improving cycle times. 

Benefits of EYE+ 4.0

  1. Train up to 6 orientations (thanks to multi-model)
  2. Faster cycle times
  3. Mirror function supported (ability to flip an image)